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The biggest Kupala wreath was woven in Vyazynka

Author: Newsmaker added 9-07-2014, 21:13

A 3 meters diameter Kupala wreath was braided and floated by florists and guests of ethnographic festival at Kupala night. This festival was held in the Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala the second time but this time any guest could participate in setting the record for the biggest Belarus Kupala wreath.

A competition of Kupala wreaths and bouquets "Beauty of Kupala" for professional florists and a children's workshop "Krasachka of Kupala" where children learned different techniques of weaving wreaths were held during the festival. Besides competitions the guests were entertained by folk groups from Belarus and Russia.


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Kupala night, Vyazynka, Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala