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Belarusians come home with 5 medals from the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Сhampionship

Author: Newsmaker added 30-09-2014, 07:13

On September, 28 in Izmir (Turkey) the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Сhampionship, in which Belarusian athletes won five medals, has ended.

On the final day the awards in certain types of group exercises with 10 clubs, as well as with 3 balls and 2 ribbons were raffled. In each of these two disciplines Belarusian team won the bronze medal.

In the exercise with 10 clubs Belarusian team received a score of 16,600 points. Gymnasts from Spain became the champions here (17,433), silver went to the athletes from Israel (16,983).

In composition with 3 balls and 2 ribbons Belarusian team received a score of 17,466 points. The gold went to the gymnasts from Russia (17,950), the silver was with the representatives of Bulgaria (17,616).

In previous days of the Championship Belarusian gymnasts won 3 more awards.

In the Olympic discipline of group exercises the Belarusian team (Ksenia Chaldyshkina, Aryna Tsytsylina, Maryia Kadobina, Maryia Katsiak, Anna Dudzyankova, Valeryia Pishchelina) by the sum of the two types (with 5 pairs of clubs + with 3 balls and 2 ribbons) won the bronze.

In individual exercises there are 2 awards in the asset of Belarusian gymnasts - Belarusians (Melita Stanyuta, Katsiaryna Halkina, Aryna Sharapa) won a silver medal in the team competition, and Melita Stanyuta won a bronze medal in the exercise with the ball.

In the Olympic discipline of individual exercises the leader of Belarusian team Melita Stanyuta took the 7th final place. Another representative of Belarus Katsiaryna Halkina showed the 8th result.

In total at the World Championship nine sets of medals were raffled. Russia took the first place in the medal standings (8 gold, 4 silver, 0 bronze medals). Bulgaria (1, 1, 0), Spain (1, 0, 0), Belarus (0, 1, 4), Italy (0, 1, 0) and Israel (0, 1, 0) are in the top six.

By the total number of awards the team from Belarus (5 medals) took the second place after Russia (12). Ukraine (4) is in third place.

All in all, 900 gymnasts from 60 countries took part in the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Сhampionship.





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