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Belarusian kayakers and canoeists won 8 medals at the World Championships in Moscow

Author: Newsmaker added 12-08-2014, 20:50

Belarusian kayakers and canoeists won 8 medals at the World Championships in MoscowAt the world championships in rowing on kayaks and canoe, which was held at the rowing channel in Krylatskoye in Moscow, Belarusian athletes have conquered 8 medals - 4 silver and 4 bronze.

Yesterday, August 10, the second day of the finals finished - awards by 500, 1000, 200 meters and relay races were raffled. Belarusians added to the piggy bank 4 more medals - 1 silver and 3 bronze.

Daryna Kastyuchenka and Kamila Bobr became vice-world champions in the competition of women's canoe pairs by 500 meters. In the final they showed the result of 2 minutes 4.562 seconds. The gold went to the Hungarian duo - 2.03,152, the bronze to Russians - 2.06,719.


Belarusians Marharita Tsishkevich and Maryna Litvinchuk won a bronze medal in the final of the 200 meters distance of canoe-twos - 36,217 seconds. The Hungarians won the gold - 35,869, the silver is at the German crew - 35,986.

In the competition of kayaks-twos numerous Olympic medalists Vadzim Makhneu and Raman Piatrushenka won the bronze at the distance of 500 meters - 1 minute 29.292 seconds. Slovaks won gold medals - 1.28,187, the silver went to Hungarian crew - 1.28,203.

In the women's 4x200 meters relay of single kayaks Belarusians Volha Khudenka, Maryna Litvinchuk Marharita Tsishkevich and Sophia Yurchenka won the bronze with a score of 2 minutes 49.762 seconds. The gold was won by polish rowers - 2.47,793, the silver went to Russians - 2.48,833.

As it previously was reported, on the first day of the finals, August 9, Belarusians won  3 silver and 1 bronze medals. Men's canoe-foursome (Dzmitry Ryabchenka, Dzianis Harazha, Dzmitry Voytsishkin and Aliaksandar Valchetski) became vice-champions of the world at the distance of 1000 meters with a score of 3 minutes 13.420 seconds. The gold is with the Russian crew - 3.10,701, the bronze went to the rowers from Hungary - 3.13,498.

Another silver medal is in the piggy bank of Belarusian female crew of paddle-twos (Sophia Yurchenka, Aliaksandra Hryshyna) at the distance of 1000 meters, which was overcame by girls in 3 minutes 35.818 seconds. Danish crew became champions - 3.33,784. The bronze went to the crew from Hungary - 3.35,949.

Litvinchuk Maryna became a silver medalist in the 5000 meters marathon women's kayak single became (23 minutes 15.158 seconds). The gold was won by British rower Louise Savers - 23.10,957, the bronze is belong to Renata Tsai from Hungary - 23.21,060.

Bronze medal at the distance of 500 meters was won by the Belarusian women's paddle-four crew (Marharita Tsishkevich, Volha Khudenka, Nadzezhda Lepeshka, Maryna Litvinchuk), with a time of 1 minute 29.585 seconds. Gold got a quartet from Hungary- 1.28,219, the silver is in the asset of the crew from Poland - 1.28,942.

First place in the medal standings belongs to the team from Hungary - 6 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals. The top ten also includes Russia (4, 2, 2), the head coach of which is the Belarusian expert Vladimir Parfenovich, Germany (2, 5, 1), Czech Republic (2, 1, 1), New Zealand (2, 1, 0), Denmark (2, 0, 1), Canada (2, 0, 0), Slovakia (2, 0, 0), Poland (1, 2, 1), Serbia (1, 1, 3). Belarus (0, 4, 4) – is at the 16th place.


By the total number of medals Belarus (8 awards) shared the second and the fourth place with Russia and Germany. In total, awards were won by 24 countries.


The participation in the championship was accepted by rowers from 75 countries. In Moscow 29 sets of medals was played. Belarus was represented at the World Cup by 28 athletes.

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