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Victoria Kovalenchikova

Author: Newsmaker added 29-04-2014, 09:46

Victoria KovalenchikovaBelarusian artist Victoria Kovalenchikova moved with her husband to Amsterdam 6 years ago and immediately opened her gallery there. She usually has 14 exhibitions around the world during a year. Victoria is actively working at U.S. art market and exhibits in Houston, New York, Miami, Los Angeles. Now her works can be seen in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam Airport. In February Victoria participated in an art show in Miami and represented Belarus there. 

At International Contemporary Art Fair in Miami, where 70 galleries from around the world were presented, Victoria Kovalenchikova was the only artist from Belarus. After the exhibition Victoria was offered to cooperate with the owner of commercial real estate in New York: her works will be exhibited in the offices.

Victoria's immediate plans are mainly associated with America. In late April she will have series of exhibitions in the United States. According to her, the most important deficit for her is time.

Victoria maintains constant contact with the artists, whom she presents in the United States, Viktor Minko, Alexander Shappo. That’s why she knows what’s going on in Minsk: ”I think in Belarus life of art is very sluggish. In Holland events in the opening galleries are held every month. I would like to have artistic life in Belarus more saturated. But I am proud that I was born in Belarus, went to school, grew up here, was educated, and I always emphasize this.

Victoria Kovalenchikova depicts abstract cities on large canvases. Numerous travels pushed her to create a series ”The Earth“, where the artist has used a new technique, which gives the picture a glossy effect.

A series of world’s maps in contours of the continents – The World – was made in the same technique. At the last show in Miami a large map of America was bought. Now her works cost 20,000 euros. But in her opinion, this price is not very high and there is still work to do.

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Victoria Kovalenchikova, International Contemporary Art Fair in Miami, Belarusian artist