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XI National tourist contest "Discover Belarus" has started

Author: Newsmaker added 25-07-2013, 00:08

The tourist who will be photographed with more Belarusian landmarks than others will be chosen.

XI National tourist contest "Discover Belarus" has started. The most active tourist will be chosen in nomination "I am learning Belarus". Everyone can participate in this challenge.

Competitors are invited to be photographed with the maximum number of tourist sightseeing. All photos must be made later September 27, 2012. The winner will be the participant who visited the largest number of objects from the proposed list. The organizers offer tourists to visit more than 560 facilities located in Belarus.

Applications for the contest can be sent to the National Travel Agency until September 2, 2013. Then the experts will consider the materials. They will tell their opinions and suggestions to the jury which will determine the winners. Results of the competition and winners award ceremony will take place on September 27 – the International Day of Tourism.

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