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Belarusian designers will present their collections at Fashion Week in Moscow

Author: Newsmaker added 28-10-2014, 11:51

Belarusian designers will present their collections at Fashion Week in MoscowBelarusian designers will present their collections on October 30th  at the Fashion Week in Moscow, reported in the National School of Beauty.

Specially for Moscow Fashion Week, which will take place from October 29 to November 3, designer Julia Latushkina and design studio "PaRus Jeans" released a new collection "Sineva" and "Seasons".

After a 4-year break Belarusian fashion returns to the Russian podium.

Ideological inspiration for the new collection Latushkina took from the literary image of Anna Karenina, a complex, self-sufficient, free in her choice women. Julia borrowed a color palette from the famous Gzhel ceramics - authentic Russian art of painting on porcelain and faience.

While the collection of Julia is focused on creating an image of an independent woman, the collection of design studio "PaRus Jeans" will be interesting for active youth. A distinctive feature of the collection is a mixture of different directions together.

The success of this show is intended to pave the way for further cooperation Belarusian designers with Moscow Fashion Week. The curator of Belarusian participants is the director of the National School of Beauty Elena Troickaya said that next year it is planned to organize a Belarusian day during Fashion Week in Moscow, and to show that Belarus is not only athletic, but also fashionable. It is planned that the show will attend the Olympic champion in freestyle Anton Kushnir.




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