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Belarusians were included in the top ten most successful Russian venture capital investors

Author: Newsmaker added 4-11-2013, 21:58

A former resident of Grodno became the second largest venture capital investor in Russia in 2013 and a citizen of Minsk, former advisor of Belarusian banker Victor Shevtsov – the fifth.


Forbes has published the list of the most successful Russian venture capital investors which includes only ten names.


The former resident of Grodno Victor Remsha who was the founder of the brokerage company ”Finam“ took the second place behind Yuri Milner - the main venture capitalist in Russia, former co-owner of Group, Groupon, Zynga and Facebook actions shareholder.


According to the magazine’s experts the status of Victor Remsha is about $ 600 million. Almost all of it he earned on investments in online projects.


The businessman participated in the following projects:, Alawar (maker of computer games), Astrostar (service on the composition of horoscopes). Victor Remsha is still one of the owners of the Russian and global networks of acquaintances ”Mamba“ and Badoo.


The fifth place in the ranking took Michael Chuchkevich. The former citizen of Minsk in late 1990 - early 2000's worked with TrustBank and was responsible for bringing to the bank Libyan Investments for development of the mobile operator ”BelSel“. Later he moved to Moscow where he became an advisor to Anatoly Chubais in ”RUSNANO“.


Michael Chuchkevich is also the co-founder of an investment fund Bright Capital. Forbes assesses his state in 220 million dollars. In 2013 his company sold service to compare prices DealAngel to


Chuchkevich’s partner at Bright Capital is another former citizen of Minsk Abyzov Mikhail - the owner of RU-COM group and the Minister without portfolio in Medvedev’s government.


According to Forbes the major players have got at least $ 3.6 billion over the last four years. The investor № 1 Yuri Milner has got more than 60 % of this sum.


Almost all the successful projects are connected with Internet. In this area Russia ranks is the first in Europe.

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