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Who Invests in Belarus?

Author: Newsmaker added 28-11-2012, 16:30
Who Invests in Belarus?
Proceeds of direct foreign investments for the nine months of year 2012 is $1.144 bil. The Ministry of economy expects flow of foreign investment on a net basis to reach the rate of $1.512 bil by the end of the 2012. But who are the main foreign players investing capital in the Republic of Belarus?

It is noteworthy that only $432.7 mil out of $1.144 bil of foreign investments were received by the real sector (industry, transport and trade). The rest of invested capital goes to banking sector or appears to be funds received from selling of non-movable assets.

According to the information of the Belarusian Ministry of foreign affairs, for the nine months of the 2012 Russia gains the lead in attracting foreign investments at the rate of $145.8 mil. The USA with the amount of $65.3 mil are at the second place. Lithuania shows the third result – $39.9 mil.

Another five among the leaders of the rating of countries investing in Belarus are China ($39.8 mil), Great Britain ($38.5 mil), Germany ($29.6 mil), Latvia ($19.1 mil) and the Netherlands ($16.3 mil).

Estonia that has invested $14.8 mil in Belarusian economy turns up at the bottom of the chart.

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