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Ruslan Kogan

Author: Lida added 9-12-2012, 05:38
Ruslan KoganRuslan Kogan was born on November 1982 in Babruisk, Mogilev region, Belarus. He is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Kogan Technologies as well as one of the founders of Milan Direct, an Australian and UK furniture retailer. He was Australia's richest person under the age of 30 from 2011 to his 30th birthday in November 2012. He has a personal wealth valued at $145 million. Moreover, Kogan was the first Australian to register as a passenger on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic sub-orbital spaceflight, having paid a deposit on the US$200,000 ticket.

Ruslan was 5 years old when he and his parents emigrated from Belarus to Australia. They had $ 90 in his pocket, and 0 words in the English lexicon. When the boy was nine, he was tired of parents’ denying buying any things, he decided to earn himself. He searched balls for golf that flew into the trees on the field Elsternvika, where he grew up and sold the golfers their own balls.

It turned out 10-20 dollars over the weekend. It is not so much for the average person, but decent for a nine-year.

He attended Melbourne High School before going on to complete a Bachelor of Business Systems (Information Technology) at Monash University.

By the age of 23 he had worked at the IT departments of Bosch, GE, Telstra, and was a management consultant at Accenture.

Ruslan KoganIn 2006 Ruslan Kogan ruled his fledgling Internet business out of his parents' home. And in July 2012 his online store could boast a turnover of $ 1 million in a single day and that is 3 times more than in the entire first year of sales. It was possible after a series of promotions, which resulted in the number of purchases to 8pm exceeded 5,000.

He felt that it was like winning gold at the Olympics. "Very sweet sense - says Kogan. - As if 4 years long I've been training all day long and that's all paid off."

But the most that he allowed himself to do - is to send an e-mail with congratulations for his 50 employees. "We're going to be the biggest seller of digitals in Australia, and when it will happen then we will celebrate on a grand scale" - said Ruslan.

Last year, Ruslan Kogan hit the top of the richest young people, which is the authoritative Australian business magazine published. At the same time the young man’s style of life for 6 years has not changed, except a couple of extra time when he went to work abroad.

"The taste of a hamburger at McDonald's at 4 am after a stormy night is still the most attractive to me," - says Ruslan. The only outward sign of his wealth - sparkling diamond watches Hublot.

The first Chinese manufacturer rejected the Kogan’s request on 80 TV because it was so small. "Then I had to beg them to work with us. Now the largest manufacturers in China and Asia are begging us to work with them. Our volumes are huge, we have a very large customer for any organization with which we work," - he said.

Annual turnover of Kogan Technologies increased in 6 years from 300 thousand to $ 20 million against the growing number of Australians who prefer online shopping.

He also "happily unmarried" and argues that the 120-hour work weeks are not a victim of him.

"You do what makes you happy. And now I'm so absorbed in "Kogan" that had engaged in something else would have been miserable."

Ruslan Kogan

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Ruslan Kogan,, Australian multimillionaire.