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Interview with Catherine Vandareva (Part 2)

Author: Newsmaker added 29-01-2013, 16:59
Interview with Catherine Vandareva (Part 2)The correspondent of a website had a meeting with Catherine Vandareva (Barbie) in order to find out why she does not like to spar with girls, to kick around her unfulfilled dream to go to the Police Academy and how she saves femininity in the harsh world of martial arts. Also it was worth discussing about an excess of muscle, as well as accidents with scrawny guys who have lack of courage. Continuation.

- There are professional fights and world championships. What do you prefer?

- I like the one and the other. It is honorable, of course, to win in the official world championships. I think acting as a professional is somehow steeper in terms of atmosphere. Everyone supports you, it is always a pleasure. Professionals have less profiles on the body in security, but I can bear.

-Does participation in the battles have benefits in terms of money?

- Athletes are paid, and quite well. But private tournaments are still better paid than world championships.

- How many times have you participated in the commercial launch?

- Only four, not so long ago I began acting. I had a battle in Turkey, Russia and Cyprus. A year ago won the battle for the world title at "Minsk-Arena". But there were only 7-8 thousand spectators. Although, in general this is normal.

Interview with Catherine Vandareva (Part 2)

- Do you think Thai boxing is popular In our country?

- Not as much as abroad. For example, while struggling in Turkey, people were standing on each other. Tickets were purchased a month before the fight. Although, I think Thai boxing is in third place by its popularity. I even saw a statistic somewhere. The first place, of course, is the hockey. The second one is football. But the third one ... We have clubs in Thai boxing at every turn.

- What's your statistics? You still announced as invincible?

- I won three battles. But in Turkey quite insulting thing happened. After entering in the clinch, I crashed my forehead with the opponent’s forehead. The skin is thin there, so there was a cut, and I was taken off the battlefield. Without it, it would be only wins. After the decision I was withdraw and disappointed. In fact, the competitor should have been disqualified. She initiated the encounter. But the judges were local, so sometimes such things happen.

- From where did such champion come?

- I was born in Starya Darogi. Only when I was 13 years old I moved to Minsk. I was studying, playing volleyball, athletics. I came in Thai boxing only when I was 16 years old. And from my point of view, this is my type of sport.

Interview with Catherine Vandareva (Part 2)

- Once you admitted that you went to the Thai boxing only because you wanted to go to the Ministry of Interior.

- It was a dream. As a result, I haven’t gone there for a simple reason: I began my career in sport. And the Interior Ministry is not a kind of correspondence courses. We had to live in the barracks. I could not afford it. Now I am studying tourism.

- How does your boyfriend refer to your specialization?

- People say that this kind of sport is not for women. Male athletes also think so but they care for girls-fighters. This means that they are interested in us. I have no problem with my boyfriends in the sphere of Thai boxing. He understand this perfectly. I'm very different in the ring and in life. I don't smoke or drink during trainings. I just do sport.

- Imagine a situation: you are walking with your boyfriend at the dark night and suddenly you are attacked by gangsters. Can you protect your pair.

- Well, I don't know how it will go. I think we will fight together. This situation hasn't happened thanks God. Although, there are different bad boys on the streets.

Interview with Catherine Vandareva (Part 2)

- Have you ever fight in the street?

- Well, I had to defend. It was three years ago when I rented a flat in Shabany. I was attacked by maniac in the stairwell. It was terrible. I was afraid of him very much. He immediately began to choke me, so I even did not understand what had happened. But later when he started choking me, I remembered the words of the coach: "Beat, Kate! Beat!" I hit him with an elbow and remembered how he fell down. I kicked him and then decided to go away. It wasn't comfortable to beat him on the heels. The main thing is that all finished well.

- Were you hooligan at school?

- To fight with boys is sacred . I used to beat somebody in the kindergarten, then run to the teacher and said that I was hit. But she did not believe me for some reason. I didn't like boys for their crying.

- Do you fight with the guys in trainings?

- Yes, often. There are no girls to fight with me in our country. As for me it is easier to train with guys because they never complain. If you hit well a woman, she immediately asks to hit weaker. That is why I have to restrain myself. The guys will endure. But sometimes they overdo with me. The impact force of a man is bigger than girl's force.

- Do you have a lot of training?

- I train three hours a day in the evening. It is better to train twice a day. But I can't do this because of getting tired. And it is embarrassing. It will break my working day.

To be continued.


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