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Interview with Catherine Vandareva

Author: Lida added 3-01-2013, 14:57
Interview with Catherine VandarevaThe correspondent of a website had a meeting with Catherine Vandareva (Barbie) in order to find out why she does not like to spar with girls, to kick around her unfulfilled dream to go to the Police Academy and how she saves femininity in the harsh world of martial arts. Also it was worth discussing about an excess of muscle, as well as accidents with scrawny guys who have lack of courage.

Catherine Vandareva :"I came to the ring on high heels and I like it".

- When I look at you, I cannot believe you're doing kickboxing and MuayThai ...

- Appearance, as they say, is deceptive. Now all the friends know what I do, but many still wonder. And for me it is cool. There is a curious contrast.

Interview with Catherine Vandareva

- Are you doing both Thai boxing and kickboxing?

- There are different federations abroad in Thai boxing and in kickboxing separately. In Belarus, these sports are in the same federation. So, we have the same athletes to act in two ways.

- Which kind do you prefer?

- I like more Thai boxing. I just know that if something does not turn away, in the clinch I will necessarily get a win. In kickboxing, you can use only your knees, you can’t twist, and it is not enough for me. So I think my specialty is Thai boxing.

- Are there all the same beautiful girls like you in Thai boxing?

- We in Belarus have many pretty girls in Muay Thai. But when they begin to train, they lose all the femininity that was before. They dress up in a sport way, and they are cut short,made Mohawk for instance. But by the nature there are a lot of beautiful girls.

- Does it mean they become masculine ladies?

- Well, yes. They make different Tattoo. In general, it is miscellaneous animals with different color. I think whatever the girl is engaged, she must remain feminine. We are still girls.

- And how not to lose the femininity in men's sport?

- Just trying to take care of yourself. I can feel comfortable looking like this. In a tracksuit I look at myself and think, 'Oh my God, I'm small and very inconspicuous!" And the gait changes for the worse. Wearing the heels I can feel comfortable, stretch out. I understand that that is mine.

- So, in the image of athlete don’t you like yourself?

- I'm dressed in such way only in training. Although in recent years sometimes I allow myself to wear something sporty. But only when I find it very beautiful. No pants hanging down to their knees, but something intelligent and feminine.

- Do you also have a selective approach to choosing wardrobe for the battle?

- Before I have never even thought about it. For example at the World Championships there is a special uniform. Everyone has the same. In professional fights, things are different. I choose a special skirt there, went to the ring on his heels and I liked it. And the atmosphere is different. This is a show for which expensive tickets are bought.

- Do clothes affect anything?

- Of course. Our battles are first and foremost shows. After all, people come to see mainly the athlete. I know that some of the audience discussed what I was wearing for a long time. Therefore, we must always have a presentable appearance, and not to wear strange ridiculous shorts.

Interview with Catherine Vandareva

- Do you make up before the fight?

- Still, I don’t. Once I wanted, but really did not do anything. In fact, it is not very convenient to enter the ring with makeup. It may smear. Only elementary shadow can suit. Many people, by the way, like no makeup even more. Just on the photo shoots I have my make-up done, but then I always have too aggressive look. It is a nightmare.

- In the future, perhaps, will you riskto make up?

- Maybe. It will be a venture. I only need shockproof cosmetics find. And also it should be waterproof. We are also constantly water poured during the fight. Although it can be found in our century to be honest. So we'll see.

- One of the charms of the female body is legs. You once admitted high heels because your legs are short. In fact, do you really think so?

- I just meant that in heels I really prefer to walk. And among my weight I am the highest. It helps. You can easily beat high-kicks, it means to bit by the leg to the head. This is the significant advantage. Though once I met a little woman, so she dives under my blows. Only later I used to and beat already lower.

To be continued.


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