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Bewitching Belarus from the board of air patrol plane (photos)

Author: Lida added 14-08-2014, 22:18

Due to steady hot and dry weather employees of the state enterprise "Bellesavia" daily overflew the territory of Belarus. The main task of rescuers is to detect fire at an early stage while its size does not exceed 10 acres. It is impossible to do without the help of aviation. 

Nowadays 12 units of "Bellesavia" operate under the Ministry of Emergency.

Office in Maladzechna (Minsk region) bases near the village Hozhava and controls the territory of the central and northern part of Minsk region. Daily route distance is 626 kilometers but it will happen if you're lucky and do not find a few fires. Rescuers say that for the last month there were days when they fixed 7 fires in flight.

Rains which began since the last weekend, made rescuers’ work a little easier a part of standard tour was cut.

Let’s look at the  bewitching Belarus from the board of the plane, which makes such a daily route.


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Ministry of Emergency, Bellesavia, Maladzechna