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In Mahiliou the first Dranik-Fest will be held

Author: Newsmaker added 8-10-2014, 11:06




In Mahiliou the first Dranik-Fest will be heldThe first Dranik-fest will be held in Mahiliou on October 18. This was announced by the head of the Center of Urban Initiatives Yuryi Stukalau. On Saturday, in the ethnographic complex “Zelenaya Roshcha” (“Green Grove”) the music will play and the aroma of potato pancakes (draniki) will be felt.

Participants of the festival will plunge into the national Belarusian culture with its singing, dancing and, of course, with culinary traditions.

“Guests of the festival will see the work of professional cooks, learn classic and unusual recipes of draniki. The program of the festival includes a competition of teams of specialists in catering”, - said Yuryi Stukalau.


Dranik-fest is organized jointly by the Center for Urban Initiatives with the support of the Mahiliou State University of Foodstuffs and the Student Ethnographic Society, the socio-cultural campaign "Buzdma belarusami", the city authorities. The reason for the festival is simple: potato pancakes (draniki) is the main dish of Belarusian cuisine. Belarusian draniki are known far beyond the borders of our country, and in the country is difficult to find someone who would be indifferent to the taste of the traditional potato dish.



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