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Video of Belarusian singer took the third place in the competition for the cover of American pop stars and gained 2,000,000 views

Author: Newsmaker added 8-12-2013, 13:03

Well-known American singers J Rand ft. Flo Rida & T-Pain announced a contest for the cover of their song ”Ride“. The main prize ($ 15,000) went to American but the third place with 2 million video views won a movie from Belarus.

All videos were personally viewed by Flo Rida and T-Pain. They noted cover of Victoria Song is gentle and sensual version of their track.

Alexander, the manager of Victoria Song and community member Potato Republic, said that Flo Rida and T-Pain made joint composition, and they announced a competition for the best videokaver. ”We decided to participate. We are Potato Republic and Victoria Song. We did everything very quickly  and video training took about a week," - said Alexander.

Victoria Song almost has no performances in Belarus. ”She is a dark horse here - says her manager. – She only has occasional appearances. We have the aim to perform in Belarus, but there is no understanding of the Belarusian viewers who she is. Now we are moving in the direction of various Western projects. But if Belarus is interested in Victoria we will be very glad.“


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Victoria Song, Belarusian singer