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SKA Minsk won European Handball Federation Challenge Cup

Author: Newsmaker added 26-05-2013, 12:46
SKA Minsk beat Handball Esch from Luxembourg in the second match of 2012/2013 EHF Challenge Cup final - 32:24 and won this Cup.

Start of Saturday's match marked the equality of opponents. After ten minutes the score was equal - 5:5. Handball players of Esch were eager to identify quickly their advantage but thanks to the efforts of Minsk's leaders Barys Pukhouski and Sergey Shylovich, as well as regular saves of Ivan Matskevich SKA completely dominated in the first part of the game. After the first half the score was 16:11 and taking into account the result of the first match, SKA had a plus ten points. It seemed that the Cup was very closed to Mironovich and his team.

SKA Minsk won European Handball Federation Challenge Cup

After the break the match was not radically changed. SKA won with the result 32:24.

SKA Minsk won European Handball Federation Challenge Cup

Barys Pukhouski became tournament's best scorer with 92 goals.

Vrener Klöckner, the head coach of Esch said that SKA was too good to oppose anything to him in the second match".

Spartak Mironovich, the head coach of SKA, said that it was a long-waited trophy for him. Emotions from victories were always exceptional. He waited for a long time to repeat what was thirty years ago.

SKA played at Minsk-Arena first and specialists hope that this arena remains happy for the club.

SKA Esch - 32:24 (16:11)

SKA Minsk won European Handball Federation Challenge Cup

SKA: Matskevich, Lapitski, Padasinau; Pukhouski (9), Shylovich (5), Tsitou (5), Lukashuk (2), Kamarou (1), Haisa (4), Lukyanchuk, Krytski, Zaitsau (1), Kamyshyk (4), Kislyuk, Stralets (1).

Official site of the club shows its main achievements: twice winner of the Cup Winners' Cup (1983, 1988), three times - European Champions Cup (1987, 1989, 1990), Super Cup (1989), as well - six-time champion of the USSR, three times winner USSR Cup. From 1993 to 2002 it was the undisputed champion in Belarus, from 2004 to 2008 SKA got silver medals. And from May, 25 it is also the owner of the European Challenge Cup (2013).

SKA also won the Baltic League this season. Now it is a leader in the national championship (Dynamo has the same amount of points). The golden match between this teams will be held on May, 29 in Minsk-Arena.


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