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Belarusian Spider-Man conquers the Internet

Author: Lida added 24-08-2014, 12:14

The video about stunt of Belarusian rider has gained over 8.4 million views on the video service YouTube for six days.
The video was shot by a dashcam in Mogilev in late July but it was published a few days ago.
The motorcyclist at high speed caught on the highway passing car, crashed into it and after a spectacular somersault landed on the roof of the car. As a result of an accident the biker got only minor injuries.
The video has become very popular on social networks. Commentators on the website of the DailyMail even asked the question what Peter Parker (the main hero of the comic book and the movie ”Spider-Man“) had forgotten in Belarus.

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Belarusian Spider-Man, stunt, somersault