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Minsk in the evening from ISS

Author: Newsmaker added 11-03-2013, 20:50
Minsk in the evening from ISSPhoto of Minsk from the International Space Station was published on Facebook page of ISS commander, Canadian Chris Hadfield.

Belarusian Oleg Novitsky launched into space

Author: Lida added 23-10-2012, 23:31
Belarusian Oleg Novitsky launched into space
Cosmic expedition headed by Belarusian Oleg Novitsky takes off from Baikonur onboard Soyuz Vehicle today, October 23, 2012 at 1:51 p.m. Minsk time.

The State Commission approved the candidature of Belarusian cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky as a head of the International Space Station (ISS). Together with Oleg Russian cosmonaut Yevgeny Tarelkin and astronaut Kevin Ford (USA) will fly off to the space on board of Soyuz TMA-06M. The coupling is due on October 25. The flight will last approximately 148 days (it is about five months). The crew has to carry out 40 experiments and meet several cosmic "trucks". The astronauts also promised to keep a photo blog from space.